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Camp NaNoWriMo is the summer project of NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month, and happens every November.  In case you wondered…

Camp starts on July 1 and goes for an entire month.  Cabin selections and assignments have begun and people are getting excited to write their novel or short story in just one month.  That’s right, one month to come up with 30,000 or more words, all somewhat intelligently arranged so as to make sense.

If you’re up for the challenge you only have a couple days left to get in.  If you attend, please beware the Storysquatch.

Apparently, there’s even a contest with winners and stuff, which means that I better dust the cobwebs off my brain, get the Mtn. Dew coursing through my veins and once again become the Purveyor of Fine Words that I advertise myself to be,  In the online store I can buy a winner’s button for $5, so, you know, who’s to say I didn’t win? *wink*

This is the first time I’m attending camp since I was probably in junior high (what you millennials now call “middle school”) and I was totally excited to find out that our cabin assignments at Camp NaNoWriMo are co-ed.  I’m not saying that I’m hooking up with a cabin mate or anything, it’s just nice not to have to live with a bunch of dudes for a month, ya know?

I’m in the cabin “Let’s All Get Mono” and we made sure that our cabin is deep in the woods so that we can party and write into the night and through the wee hours of the morning.  We’ll be going to sleep right around the time breakfast is served so if anyone wants us to go do archery or something, sorry, but we’re living on little sleep, lots of caffeine and as much sugar as we can get our hands on during the month of July.

Since I’ll be running on little sleep, a lot of caffeine and loads of sugar, I want to apologize in advance for anything I may Tweet, post to Facebook, post to the blog, text or say anytime in July.  High levels of sugar and caffeine probably don’t mix well with my ADHD medicine.

While you’re busy watching fireworks, I’ll probably be in my remote cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo, changing the bag on Carney_Princess’ espresso IV and figuring out where she hid the Jolt Cola.  Earlier today she copped to hoarding the last of it for herself.  Why can’t people just share?

All I know is that I’m working on my character development right now and I’m ready to take on everyone with my high-quality prose.

Apparently, somewhere around 10 PM each night,  Procrastiwrite (I didn’t make up these names, people) is breaking out the Dew bongs so we can start chugging and writing.  We’re doing the Dew until the dawn! Maybe I should get a trailer and hit Costco…

If you’ll excuse me, I need to leave now.  Over on our cabin page, Carney_Princess, LadyPug, Procrastiwrite and myself are setting ground rules on music.  So far we’ve come up with a no Bieber policy and that One Direction and any boy band must be listened to with headphones or earbuds. We haven’t come up with penalties yet, but I’m not above hiding the Princess’ espresso IV if I have to.

Hey, if you’re a writer or a writer wannabe, join the challenge at Camp NaNoWriMo.  If you’re funny, our cabin name is Let’s All Get Mono.  If you’re not funny, I believe our cabin may be full.





I don’t know what a Plot Bunny is, but if it’s anything like a Puck Bunny, I’d like to find my Plot Bunny.

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