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This post originally appeared on my previous blog, Sex and the Single Dad, on August 3, 2010.


God, I hate the Yankees!

I had been in Buffalo around six weeks or so when I met The Yankee Fan. I don’t remember exactly when it was, but it was around the start of the MLB Playoffs in October. I remember that we had gone out a couple of times before her Yankees and my Angels met in the American League Championship Series, which began October 16.

In case you’re thinking I’m some sort of a sports geek who knows dates and that sort of stuff, relax. I’m totally not. I just Googled it and found the dates.

Anyway….We met for our first date and she mentioned her intense love of the Yankees. I told her that I was a life-long Angels fan and that my family had season tickets when I was growing up. She wasn’t thrilled but figured that as long as I wasn’t a Red Sox fan, that she was willing to give me a shot. That was cool. I guess…

She’s three years older than me and knew exactly what she wanted. Our first date was a short one—we knew it would be because I had my Friday night radio show to do—and when we were leaving the restaurant, she did not wait to see if I was going to give her a kiss. She leaned in and let it be known that she wanted a second date. I mean she REALLY let it be known! I made it home in time for my show. Barely…

The next morning I woke up and went to work. We hadn’t decided on an exact time for the second date but figured we would work it out in the next day or two. After being at work for a couple hours I got a text asking if I wanted to come to her sister’s house that night to watch the Sabres game. She explained that it was a whole group from their neighborhood and to bring my sixth-grade daughter (her son was coming) and that it wouldn’t be a date, but just a chance to meet some people and hang out.

Being new to Buffalo, I was down for meeting people and was cool with bringing my daughter since it wasn’t a date and there would be 8-10 kids there anyway. We arrived at the house and come to find out her sister and brother-in-law worked for the same auto dealer group that I was working for at the time. Small world, huh?

We had a great time. It was a good game and her friends/neighbors were cool. My daughter. had a great time hanging out/playing with some other girls and at one point I went into the kitchen to get a beer and while I was in the empty kitchen The Yankee Fan came in, looked around to make sure we weren’t being watched and planted a nice big one on me. Sweet.

A few nights later, the little one had a sleepover and The Yankee Fan and I took the opportunity to go out. The Yankees were on TV. and even though I hate the Yankees, I watched with her and we chatted throughout the game. She kept going on about Jeter and how hot he was and she was not at all amused by my using the term “A- Fraud” when discussing Alex Rodriguez.

She kept going on about Jeter and how hot he was and she was not at all amused by my using the term “A- Fraud” when discussing Alex Rodriguez.

Nor did she think that my comments about Yankees right fielder Nick Swisher were at all funny. What did I say about Swisher that upset her? I simply said (a couple of times.  Probably more.) that I thought the name Nick Swisher sounded like the name of a gay male porn star. I don’t see what the big deal was. His name DOES sound like a guy that does other dudes on film. Say it to yourself a couple of times and tell me you don’t agree…

This woman was cute and even though she was borderline obnoxious about the Yankees, I was willing to see where this would lead. As it turned out, she apparently was willing to overlook my “A-Fraud” and Swisher comments and as the game was winding down she asked if I had any beer or wine at my house. I quickly picked up on the hint and told her that I had both and why didn’t we go over to my place for some post-game activity.

We arrived at the house, cracked open a couple beers and sat down on the couch. I’m not going to go into detail, but suffice it to say that I had a pretty nice time that night. She rolled home a while later and I fell asleep easily that night!

The Yankees and Angels started their series a day or two later and she discussed making some bets on the games. They were the type of bets where technically there was a winner and a loser, but the reality is that no one was REALLY going to lose.

Now is probably a good time to mention that she liked to joke and have a good time, but there were other times that things were just NOT funny to her. She went very hot and cold and it was nearly impossible to tell what the mood was and when it was changing.

There were times where she would crack on the Angels and I would come back with something on the Yankees and she would get pissed and want to know why I thought it was funny. Other times I would say something very matter of factly and she would get upset that I wasn’t being funny and cracking jokes. Sheesh….

So…these bets were made on the games, though none was ever actually carried out. (Damn!!!) I remember game 5 in particular since it was pretty much the night that ended our brief dating. The Yankees were up on the Angels all game and around the fifth inning, I said that I was still very sure the Angels could come back and win (we were talking on the phone throughout the game).

She obliged me and said that if the Angels did win that night, she would come over to my place right after the game and pay off the bet on the spot! I said that was cool and was really hoping the Angels would pull something out.

In the seventh inning the Angels exploded for six runs to tie the game and they ended up winning it in the ninth.

It was now shortly after midnight and The Yankee Fan lived about 20 min away. I knew that she had an important meeting at 7:30 the next morning, so when the game was over and she called to tell me she was getting ready to leave, I decided to be nice and told her that it was really late and that I knew she had that early morning meeting and that as much as I wanted her to come over, I would be OK if we waited until the following night to pay off the bet, but that it was her call. There was a moment of silence, and then she hung up the phone.

The next day she called me and asked if I could meet her for coffee after work that day. I said sure and when I pulled up, she was in the parking lot. I got out of my car and she said that she didn’t think this was going to work and that she had no interest in going out with me anymore.

WTF? I was under the impression that I was being a nice person and was trying to help her out. The game went a lot longer than either of us thought it would and the reality is that she would have had only a few hours sleep before a very important meeting.   I wasn’t thrilled with the hot-and-cold attitude and I never saw this as a long-term thing, but I figured that we would at least get through the playoffs and World Series, make some bets, have some fun, and then see what transpired after that.

I quietly stood in the parking lot for a second, took a deep breath and asked her if she still planned on honoring the bets, because I was fully intended to pay off the Angels losses. She looked at me, apparently stunned that I would ask, and said that all bets were off and that she was going to go.

Whatever happened to “a bet is a bet”? She’s the one who suggested the bets in the first place! God I hate the Yankees!!!





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